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Who’s Got Your “Fightback”?

On the evening of May 10, 2013, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on the campus of Rutgers University, the Labor Fightback Network (LFN) opened their founding conference. The assault by big business on the working class drew 100 activists from around the country. The participants agreed to launch the Labor Fightback Network to communicate, collaborate and share in solidarity. A mission statement was developed and campaigns were proposed to urge a united labor response to mobilize rank and file workers and community allies in the streets across the country and ensure that the labor movement functions independent of any political party or corporate class.  

From the mission statement: “A crucial component of a successful labor fightback campaign is ensuring that our movement practices democratic decision making at all levels. Whether it comes to workers agreeing to or rejecting a company offer or determining a strategy to combat the employers’ offensive, it is the rank and file that must have the decisive say, based on an opportunity for free and full discussion.”

We pledge our efforts to help bring about needed changes that will enable the labor movement — together with our community partners — to lead the way to establish a just society that reflects the interests of the overwhelming majority instead of the wealthy 1%. We can make a positive difference if we mobilize working people along with our allies and together fight for our collective interests.

During the last four years the LFN has stayed true to the mission, responding to attacks on the working class. Some of these responses can be read at the Labor Fightback Blog:

We appreciate the support we have received since our founding. At this time working people are confronted with unprecedented attacks and the work of LFN is more important than ever.  We want to encourage you to make a financial contribution. We hope you will join with LFN to contribute your time, talents and financial support to the “Fightback.”

Remembering Jerry Gordon, 1928–2016

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To read additional comments on the key issues facing the labor movement—and to share your own comments—please visit the Labor Fightback Blog.

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